S23 SARM: The Truth Revealed – The Best Review Inside!

Insiders say that renowned pharmaceutical GTX is presently conducting research on a SARM known only as S23 SARM. According to what we understand so far this SARM can be very helpful in assisting you to lose fat while putting on lean gains.

S23 SARM binds itself to the body’s androgen receptors in order to deliver these results, so we know that it’s certainly not a steroid.


By definition, S23 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). SARMs are famous for binding themselves to certain receptors in the human body, thereby mimicking the action of testosterone.

As with other SARMs available on the market, S23 helps encourage bone and muscle health by working specifically on muscle and bone tissue. the S23 SARM steers clear of the prostate gland, so users can rest easy knowing that it won’t cause prostate enlargement. Rather, S23 can actually decrease the prostate size as you’re utilizing it.

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Because of these and other benefits, S23 is gaining mainstream popularity amongst bodybuilders. Many see it as a safe yet powerful tool that helps them decrease fat and improve muscle mass without suffering any of the side-effects which are so common with other drugs. The nearest thing to a negative impact that S23 includes is its capacity to reduce testosterone levels, but this can be rectified via post-cycle therapy (PCT).

Another reason which makes the S23 SARM popular is the fact that it can be utilized as a form of male birth control. In one study, rats were given S23 for a particular period of time and most of the test areas were discovered to be completely infertile afterward. The fantastic news is the researchers found that they could turn off infertility by discontinuing the use of the SARM.

S23 provides advantages for female users as well, for example, increased libido, improved bone density, and reduced muscle loss.

However, since no human trials are conducted to test for the effectiveness of those claims, S23 stays among the list of materials that aren’t approved for human use. In fact, all drugs which are in the SARM category are banned from the World Anti-Doping Agency, so they’re off-limits to all competing athletes.


As with other SARMs, S23 operates on bone and muscle tissue to activate an anabolic response in the affected areas. But unlike its competitors, S23 doesn’t have any negative side effects.


1. Builds Muscle and Reduce Fat

S23 is a powerful SARM that’s notorious for helping bodybuilders burn fat and build lean muscle mass more efficiently. It functions similarly to steroids but without the side-effects and stigma connected.

In another study that was done on rats, results show that S23 has the capability to decrease an individual’s fat mass and normal body weight. The researchers gave the rats estrogen to promote breeding and see if the rats could experience any muscle loss as a result. Instead, S23 really increased the rats’ lean muscle density and superseded the consequences of estrogen.

It is important to be aware that the rate at which S23 reduces fat depends on the dosage. The higher the dose, the more fat it’s able to burn.

Another study showed that S23 helps prevent muscle loss that’s brought on by glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are a type of anti-inflammatory medication that can cause muscle loss in the long term, and S23 was proven to regulate the endurance and ability of muscles to mitigate the adverse effects of using glucocorticoids.

2. Could Function as Man Birth Control

Research is underway to find the greatest male pill which would deliver effective results without compromising health and functionality. S23 is just one of the more promising candidates since the SARM has shown itself as a powerful male enhancement that can suppress sperm production hormones such as LH and FSH.

Since the contraceptive properties of S23 are temporary, male users do not have to be worried about their future ability to have children after discontinuing using the SARM.

However one has to be careful with the dose because taking higher doses of this SARM can have the reverse effect and actually trigger sperm production instead of suppressing it. Research data indicate that mice that were given higher than normal doses of S23 had the same sperm count as untreated mice.

These studies also showed that S23 is simple to absorb regardless of if it’s being taken as a tablet computer or during the injection.

3. Increases Bone Power

It is a well-known actuality that sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen are crucial in keeping our bones healthy and strong. That is why premenopausal women with low testosterone levels are susceptible to developing bone ailments. The key to avoiding this fate is to boost bone mineralization in tandem with muscular mass to help prevent bone fractures.

S23 is excellent because it strengthens bones while enhancing muscle mass in the exact same time. The best part is that it shows the same results on bone density and muscle mass regardless of the doses. Thus no matter how high or low your dosage, you will still experience the benefits.

4. Boosts Female Sexual Motivation

Women who are experiencing menopause often experience reduced libido and an entire aversion of sexual activity. This problem is called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), and testosterone is a common treatment for this disease. But it includes side effects such as the heightened probability of developing breast cancer and heart disease.

On the contrary, S23 helps women improve libido without the risks related to testosterone. These results were shown in a study that has been done with postmenopausal female rats that were given S23 for therapy. The information proves that the rats exhibited increased sexual stimulation and activity without any modifications in their uterine lining.


SARMs operate by binding themselves to androgen receptors that are located in the bones and muscles. Based on their chemical structure, distinct SARMs have varying levels of selectivity.

Part of what makes the S23 SARM so effective is its capacity to bind itself with androgen receptors. But S23 has an extremely distinctive and complicated impact on bones and muscles.

Normally, a SARM works to stimulate the genes responsible for building muscle proteins and it does this by binding itself to androgens. When activated, the body’s rhythms will then help excite bone-building cells.

S23 has a bent for LH and FSH suppression as well, which is what leads to its contraceptive effects butthis particular impact is only temporary.

Based on research done on male rats, S23 includes a half-life of 11.9 hours. The body absorbs roughly 96% of their SARM when taken orally and users can achieve peak levels after 4 hours approximately.


We don’t have a lot of information about the S23 side effects yet because no definitive studies have been done on people.

What we do know is that S23 can suppress sperm production by affecting testosterone levels in addition to hormones like LH and FSH. Rats showed reduced prostate and testicle size as well.

Chemical Structures S23 SARM

Some customers report experiencing unexplainable anger, darker urine, and hair loss.

However, each of these effects is temporary and usually wears off when you quit taking the SARM, and testosterone depletion can be cured through PCT.


As a result of a lack of scientific evidence, we’re not yet sure how safe it is for humans to use S23. Anecdotal evidence suggests that S23 SARM doesn’t arrive with a lot of side-effects but that is based on short-term use. It is pretty much exactly the exact same deal as with YK11.

It’s important to be aware that consumers must exercise caution when purchasing any SARM online, as most online sellers are unscrupulous scammers that market knock-offs of the actual item.


The sole dosage information we’ve got is based on animal studies. For instance, laboratory rats were given 0.1 mg daily to 3 milligrams per day through analysis, either orally or via injection.

Most bodybuilders require 10 to 30 mg per day while dividing the dose into two in order to maximize the medication’s half-life.

Most reviewers on the Internet say they’ve used S23 as part of an 8-week cutting cycle.

But if you opt to purchase this SARM online make sure it’s from a respectable provider otherwise you may get a fake product.

Do you need a pct for the S23 SARM?

Yes, its certainly advised with a PCT after the use of S23 for a longer time period. Various studies have revealed that S23 can reduce your usual testosterone and that needs to be fixed with a PCT.


Most bodybuilders prefer to take S23 throughout the final 12 weeks of their cycle so as to chisel their own physique. The SARM’s fat-shredding qualities are great at putting the finishing touches on a grainer’s human anatomy. If your target is to get lean muscle, specialists recommend stacking S23 with LGD-4033 or Andarine.

Other people recommend stacking S23 using MK-677 or even GW-501516. This may give a synergetic effect because MK-677 can boost your IGF-1 and HGH levels. Stacking SARMs is frequently done by bodybuilders who wish to optimize their muscle gains.


Based on the available data, it is safe to say the S23 SARM is a promising SARM that could fix a range of problems that athletes and bodybuilders encounter. It has been shown to promote lean muscle mass, reduce body fat and help create a chiseled physique.

Just like anything, S23 has its own fair share of unwanted effects like decreasing testosterone levels, decreasing the prostate and even leading to infertility. On the other hand, these side effects are temporary and completely reversible as soon as you stop using S23.

You will still keep the lean muscle gains you have from cycling with S23 but without the side effects. That’s why it’s popular amongst competing bodybuilders.

Bear in mind though that no human trials have been run with this SARM and all available data is based on animal studies and anecdotal evidence.

In conclusion, your choice to try out S23 is yours alone. Yes, it is a great SARM to use if you would like to get lean muscle mass, lose fat and keep a chiseled body afterward. But be sure to buy it from a dependable supplier and stick to the recommended dosages. Alternately, you can try something safer and similar such as LGD-4033 or even RAD-140 to help you build mass.