Optical Flims

Exopack Advanced Coatings’ range of hardcoats, advanced laminates and optically clear adhesives have been developed to meet the needs for dynamic display, window film, furniture foil and protective overlaminates.
They are ideal for demanding applications where durability, superior clarity and cleanliness are critical.

Our StratFX hardcoated gloss and anti-glare flexible films are engineered to afford exceptional clarity and toughness for display applications in large screen televisions, industrial controls, pen entry devices, personal data assistants, personal computers and wherever physical contact with the screen is a concern. In addition we have successfully incorporated the StratFX hardcoat technology into coatings for high gloss furniture foils where scratch, chemical and anti-microbial performance is paramount.

Optically Clear Adhesive Film (OCAF) is a free-standing, pressure-sensitive, bonding film designed specifically for laminating both smooth and rough substrates. Its cleanliness, durability and high optical transmission make it most effective for use in rear projection screen, touch screen, flat CRTs and other applications where adhesion and optical clarity are crucial.

The Reflex brand hardcoated graphic overlay film is designed to meet the high performance requirements of both manufacturers and end-users of membrane touch switches, nameplates, special labels and durable back-printed graphics.