China Operation

In March 2011, Exopack Advanced Coatings opened up a new operations warehouse in Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou is renowned for being one of China’s most advanced and dynamic economic regions hence the reason why it was selected for the new Exopack Advanced Coatings site.

It is now coming up for two years since the grand opening and operations are going extremely well with product sales going strongly in the China market. The new site has now expanded its operations to include converting, sheeting and packing. Exopack Advanced Coatings, China, is serving the China market with electronic films and the facility has been well received by customers, who are benefiting from shorter lead times and closer relationships.

The new addition to the Exopack family functions as the major logistics and distribution center for the whole of China. Exopack Advanced Coatings continues to expand its service and support to the Asian market, and our growing customer base in South China and across mainland China.

The team from left to right: Deng Zhihui – Warehouse, Eva Lu – Customer Service, May Tan – Housekeeper, Isabella Zhou – Accountant, Vincent Chen – Business director, Zou Xuemin, Ge Xuehao, Zou Qiangduan – Converting, Dong Linyan – Converting packer