Exopack® Advanced Coatings is proud to announce the launch of its new inspire™ polyurethane foam range for the wound care industry.
This range compliments the existing polyurethane films and adhesive coated films in the current inspire™ portfolio. The polyurethane foam product portfolio contains a range of polyurethane materials from 250 microns to 400 microns thick, ideally suited as a backing or support layer for both Professional Healthcare wound dressings and for plasters to be sold into the consumer market. The inspire™ product range conforms to regulations for use in wound dressing applications.

The polyurethane foam product range has benefited from many years of development and offers unparalleled breathability, conformability, elasticity, softness and protection. The products are available in a range of colours, including white, that are stable even after sterilisation and exposure to UV.

The foams are available on a support liner and can be provided with a skin-friendly, breathable PSA. They can also be provided with a polyurethane film on the surface. This surface provides a bacterial barrier with a very low coefficient of friction. It also prevents leakage from the dressing and provides a surface that can be wiped clean.

Exopack® Advanced Coatings casts polyurethane films and polyurethane foams on site and offers an in-house printing service to enhance the marketing potential of its materials. This service utilises FDA approved inks and allows its customers to provide branding directly on the dressing or plaster.

In addition to the standard range of products, Exopack® Advanced Coatings has the capability to provide custom designs for the market, including anti-bacterial films and adhesives.

Exopack® Advanced Coatings has the capability to manufacture a broad range of polyurethane foam materials and would be interested to hear from companies who may have applications for these products outside of the wound care and medical markets.